All of our Christmas greeting card and note card/note pad designs are exclusive to the Samoyed Club of Austin. Each package of Christmas greeting cards and Bluebonnet Baby note cards contains 10 cards and 10 envelopes. Each of the Bluebonnet Baby note pads (design is printed in light gray) contain approximately 45-50 sheets.


​$3.75 ​​for first package of cards

​$1.75 for each additional package

​(Purchases of 3 or more packages will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail)

Samoyed with Reindeer - $10.00

Samoyed ​Puppies & Cookies​ - $10.00

Toys for Sammies - $10.00

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Samoyed Club of Austin, Inc.

​Austin, Texas

Bluebonnet Baby Note Pad - $4.00

(design printed in light gray)

Samoyed ​Pup Pulling Ribbon - $10.00

Bluebonnet Baby Note Cards - $6.00

Samoyed Sled Team - $10.00