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1st - 6-9mo Puppy Bitch-$16.00


Please remember to type, in the space provided above each Add to Cart button, the information that you wish to accompany each trophy. (For example: Offered by Jane Doe, ABC Samoyeds or Offered by Jane Doe, ABC Samoyeds - In memory of "Fuzzy" ABC's Fluffy Butt)

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1st - 12-18mo Jr Bitch-$16.00.
1st - 12-18mo Jr Dog - $16.00
1st VeteranBitch 7-10yr $16.00

General Trophy Fund

1st - 6-9mo Puppy Dog - $16.00
1st - 9-12mo Puppy Dog-$16.00

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Best 4-6mo Puppy - $16.00
1st Veteran Dog 10+yr - $16.00
1st Veteran Bitch 10+yr $16.00
1st 9-12mo Puppy Bitch-$16.00
BOS Vet Sweeps - $26.00
1st Veteran Dog 7-10yr $16.00
BOS Sweeps - $26.00


Samoyed Club of Austin, Inc.

​Austin, Texas